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A warm welcome to ‘This Tangled Web’… This journey began in ‘2010’ by survivor Kate Swift. Kate wanted to share her journey through the pain and chaos of healing from childhood sexual abuse. Her drive to share what is often deeply personal and painful was to break down the terrible isolation survivors often feel.  It is a journey that Kate has always likened to a tangled web…woven over many years and entangling the victim in a complex web of untruths in which we need to work hard at making ourselves free from.

From 2010 to Spring 2014  ‘This Tangled Web’ ran as a charity during which time we were able to support many survivors. The charity gave people information, support, opportunities to meet at events, information & awareness to the public & so much more. Kate wanted to keep this website going forwards, after the charity has stopped and hopes it will continue to help many more survivors.  Kate believes that it is crucial for survivors to have the help, support and tools needed to go on and live the best life possible… which is nothing less than we deserve.

If your own childhood trauma has brought you to this place Kate wants you to know two important things. The first thing that she wants you to know is that someone out there cares. Secondly that she is sorry that you have personal experience of CSA but is glad you are seeking help/information. Kate hopes that you will find comfort and understanding here.

‘Behind the need to communicate is the need to share. Behind the need to share is the need to be understood’ Leo Rosten

Kate continues working to raise awareness and understanding of the effects of CSA… We all need to open our eyes and work towards greater public awareness & protection for the children of today and tomorrow.

‘Helplessness and isolation are the core experiences of psychological trauma. Empowerment and reconnection are the core experiences of recovery’ Judith Herman M.D.

Please Note: Given the subject matter a lot of the content within the poetry and other pages may be distressing. The poetry in particular may hold triggers for you. It is important to look after yourself…maybe just read one every now and then when you feel you want and need to…maybe read a few when you feel strong and have good support available to you. I want these poems to be a tool to help you…please read them with care for yourself.


‘You do amazing work’ Claude Knights (Director of Kidscape)

‘We are with you every step of the way. You’re doing such great work’ RSVP (Rape & Sexual Violence Project)

‘You’re doing great things for survivors of abuse’ Dr Pam Spurr

‘Kate Swift  has bravely turned her traumatic experience of childhood sexual abuse into a passionate and positive mission;  providing sexual abuse prevention education and sees this as paramount for future generations of children’ Jayneen Sanders Teacher/Advocate & Author of ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’

‘It’s a powerful impact that she has when she speaks about her life experience. What she says is difficult to ignore and impossible to forget’ The London Ambulance Service


  PLEASE NOTE: The information and material on this website is shared in good faith, and Kate Swift is not responsible for any omissions, errors or any losses that may result from using the website.

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