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‘It is time to untangle the web’

 This journey began with the opening of the website, followed quickly by the online support group… Reaching Survivors of Sexual Abuse (R.S.O.S.A). Kate Swift has gone on to have 5 books published… the first ‘This Tangled Web’, secondly ‘Silent No More’ (with RSOSA)  thirdly her life story ‘Nobody’s Rag Doll’, ‘Growing Stronger, Growing Free’ (with RSOSA) and ‘Kate’s A-Z of Healing.  More information about these publications can be found on our website.

 Our website offers a wide selection of information, links and support on many topics which surround CSA. These include advice for partners, empowering children, domestic violence awareness, legal matters and much more. We offer advice and support to both male and female survivors, whilst being sensitive to any potential triggers this may cause on either side. In June 2011 ‘This Tangled Web’ became a constituted charity.

The R.S.O.S.A Group is situated on the social networking site ‘Facebook’ and went from strength to strength with in excess of 500 members in the first year. Following a trial period on a purpose built forum, we have moved R.S.O.S.A back to ‘Facebook’ by popular demand from our members. It is open to both survivors and active supporters of survivors such as like-minded organizations. The group is managed by a team of 6 people with varying life & or professional experience of the subject matter. In September 2011 R.S.O.S.A celebrated the launch of our first group book titled ‘Silent No More’. This is an amazing book with the work of 93 survivors included. A key part of our group is to help survivors to find their voice after enduring what are often years of silent torture.

We reach out to survivors across the globe…

Because a large part of our work is internet based we have been able to reach out to survivors across the world. We find that survivors no matter where in the world they are, struggle with common issues. Using the internet we can support each other and break down the isolation. This is where we have connected with people… many of whom are in the book ‘Silent No More’

~ England ~ Ireland ~ Scotland ~ Wales ~ Spain ~ Norway ~ The Holy Lands ~ America ~ Canada ~ Australia ~ South Africa ~

What else do we do?

‘This Tangled Web’ also exists to educate and raise public awareness of CSA… the signs, statistics, the personal impact and the need for society as a whole to be much more open and aware of abuse of this nature. The nature of our message when we speak publicly is tailor made around the audience. We visit different venues and audiences with our very important message. We use personal accounts of sexual abuse to share the devastating effects; we use statistics alongside open discussion to raise awareness of the multitude of this problem. We use handouts and a very open question & answer session to close. We aim to leave the audience with 2 key pieces of information: A greater awareness and understanding of the subject and hope for healing and restoration.

‘This Tangled Web’ can also facilitate creative writing workshops. We also host events for survivors to come together such as the Survivors Picnic. This is an annual event which invites all survivors of CSA to come together in a relaxing environment. This is a day to build on friendships, gain support, recognize we are not alone, relax and have an enjoyable day together. Survivors are welcome to bring family members and we have face painting and games for the children. We will continue to organize events specifically aimed at survivors of sexual abuse. We believe such events break down the isolation many feel as a direct result of the abuse. It also offers people a positive experience in a safe and non-threatening environment. Our goal is also to inspire healing and a greater sense of well being.

10 Responses to More About Us

  • Stella says:

    Hi Kate,

    I met you in Kennington a few months ago and took some of your petitions to get signed by family and friends as I could not make the march which was on Mother’s Day this year.

    I’d really like to speak to you if that’s possible?

    Kind regards


  • Jean Austin says:

    I read your article in the RTT on April 6th and would like to contact Lorraine or Kate to tell them of a charity I used to work for in Sussex dealing with people who had been raped or sexually abused. As I left there 2 years ago I needed to contact the organiser to make sure my information was up-to-date. I have now heard from her and have some information to pass on to you which may interest you.

  • chris says:

    Hi, im the partner of a survivor and have many questions, is there an email address i can mail to for some help?

  • Lee Randall says:

    Hi….. This is Lee at Asda Hounslow. We have been doing some charity collections and you have come 3 rd place where we as a business would like to donate £50 towards your work.

    I understand someone has been dealing with Varinder in store, however she is on leave so I am trying to organise the 3 winning charity’s to collect their cheque next Friday 10th August at 11 am. We will be taking pictures for our web site.

    If someone can confirm back to me please.

    Well done and thanks
    lee Randall
    Gsm Asda Hounslow

    • kate.swift says:

      Hi, I am very sorry for the delay in responding to your message. I have been away, came back yesterday. Thank-you SO much for making us part of the green token scheme. We really appreciate any amount of money, it all helps and it all adds up. I am sorry we missed the cheque presentation & photos on Friday.

      We are looking forward to collecting in-store next friday and saturday :) If you would like to post the cheque it can be sent to our treasurer… Mr Martin Gilbert, 26A Princes Road, Teddington, Middx, TW11 0RW

      MANY THANKS AGAIN for supporting ‘This Tangled Wed’

      Kate Swift
      Survivor & Founder

  • loopyloos says:

    so glad I found your website. A couple of the articles were so supportive and helpful at a particularly difficult time. Thank you.
    loopy x

    • kate.swift says:

      We are so pleased you found us too and that is has been positive for you, many thanks for the feedback, we like getting feedback on the website :)

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