A perfect example of why ~Survivor Books~ are so important…

“A few years ago I would read stuff and the more I read, the more I wanted to tell someone what happened to me, then I felt it was better out than in” K.M

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 SILENT NO MORE ~ A Group Book Project

Silent No More
This is not ‘just’ a book however; this is a powerful, moving and painfully honest look at surviving childhood sexual abuse. This book is about a group of survivors and those who support them coming together to be a voice for the voiceless…to shed more light on what it takes to survive…and perhaps most importantly of all to show that you can go on to achieve, inspire, enrich not only your life but others around you too. This book was on my heart because I often see amazing pieces of art and writing by others. I wanted them to have a platform on which to share their talent but also their voice. As children we lived in our silent, individual abusive situations. As adults we now come together and are a voice not just for ourselves but for the future generations to learn from. We have been mindful to share both light and shade within the pages of our book. We hope others will benefit from the experiences we have shared, our healing tips and inner most thoughts.


Nobody’s Rag Doll ~ By Kate Swift

 Nobodys Rag Doll - Kate Swift

This book takes you into the centre of my childhood and shows you how everything is not always what is seems. To the outside world we were a ‘normal’ family and that is just how my mother liked it to appear. But behind the closed front door was drinking, abuse, addiction, violence and for a time a man who posed as a family friend in order to gain access to the boys. I take you from my childhood, through my teens and on the very rocky journey of my healing from the past. I share with you my innermost thoughts during some of the most difficult times of my life so far. This book gives you an insight into a victim of child abuse working her way through to becoming a survivor. Along the journey I too fell into relationships where domestic violence was common place and I share with you my experiences and what made me finally walk away. This book is about survival, it is about how you can go to rock bottom and come back up again. How you can feel that your life is finished and then find a whole new purpose and energy for living. In my previous book ‘This Tangled Web’ I shared my poetry written in the years after my abuse…here we have the untangling of that web and the story behind the poetry.


This Tangled Web ~ By Kate Swift

This Tangled Web - Kate Swift

This Tangled Web’ is one woman’s journey from victim to survivor. It is the untangling of a web created by the pain of childhood sexual abuse. The author brings you to the centre of the web through her poetry and art, allowing you to see the journey through her eyes. This book has been written with other survivors in mind. It was always Kate’s desire to one day use her poetry for the benefit of other survivors. Remembering her own unquenchable thirst for knowledge and something to relate to…this is one woman’s attempt to untangle the web and help other survivors to achieve this too.


Growing Stronger, Growing Free ~ A Group Book Project

Growing Stronger Growing Free

 In this our 2nd group book we have come together once again to share what it takes to survive. Not only to survive, but to go on and overcome the many obstacles in our path as we live our daily lives.

 With the same honesty & poignancy as ‘Silent No More’ the vast majority of the words on these pages come directly from the hearts of those who are living with the legacy of Childhood Sexual Abuse. However as we know abuse can come in many forms, some have suffered in other ways and some write from the perspective of being the loved one of a survivor. No matter what the reason is that we each chose to put pen to paper… we share a common goal which is ‘healing’. This is not a ‘quick fix’ book of solutions; I wish we could all have one of those. Healing is a journey which stretches out ahead of you; even when you have done some journeying I believe there is still more that can be done.

In this book you will find poetry, blog extracts, art work and more. This book is bursting with hope for healing and how we ourselves are finding healing made possible. We sincerely hope this book will inspire you to follow your own healing path… the pathway to ‘Growing Stronger, Growing Free’


Kate’s A-Z of Healing

Kates A-Z of Healing

This book began as a personal challenge to complete an alphabetical list based on healing. As I worked my way through the alphabet, I realised how ‘key’ many of the things I have listed were to my own healing journey (a journey which is ongoing). I shared a few pages with our peer to peer support group and they were well received… One member said the contents so resonated with her that she had goose bumps whilst reading. I came to realise how helpful my list may be for survivors everywhere. There are many excellent books on healing written by professionals. This book is different… this book has been written by a survivor of C.S.A for other survivors of C.S.A. It is not by any means a substantial read in volume however I believe the contents might have a substantial impact on the reader. This is intended to be one of those books which you can dip in and out of at your own leisure. You may need to read & re-read some of the pages several times over. I hope this book will help to inspire you on your own A-Z of healing. All the Photographic letters throughout the book are my own work too. Creativity and photography are wonderful tools in my own healing. This book is no substitute for professional help and advice, think of it as a ‘starter’ or a ‘dessert’ with professional help being the main course. I have no formal training in this field other than the school of life which comes from living with CSAfrom the age of 8 through to 16 and the aftermath since. I have been living and learning the contents of what is now this book. I hope this book will give you insight and strength for your own journey.

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