This Tangled Web’ is one woman’s journey from victim to survivor. It is the untangling of a web created by the pain of childhood sexual abuse. The author brings you to the centre of the web through her poetry and art, allowing you to see the journey through her eyes. This book has been written with other survivors in mind. It was always Kate’s desire to one day use her poetry for the benefit of other survivors. Remembering her own unquenchable thirst for knowledge and something to relate to…this is one woman’s attempt to untangle the web and help other survivors to achieve this too.
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“This book is brilliant and unique. The author’s format is creative and capturing…a format that makes it easy to pick up and put down, which I found to be quite necessary…as this is the most honest true story/personal journey piece of work that I have read yet on this topic. This is truly a tale of the personal journey that takes a victim to a survivor. It is brutally honest and quite provoking and challenges all of the lies that threaten to keep victims holding themselves hostage. This work of art is insightful and not an easy read…the truth is never an easy read… Kudos to Kate Swift for capturing the true essence of survivorship.”
Wendi Brincken 8/8/2010

“This book, and the poems are incredible. As someone who has not experienced sexual abuse, the impact of the poems was very powerful. I find it easier to imagine the poems in the depression, self-harm and suicide sections through my own experience. The Survivors chapter had special impact.”
Ann Clifton 1/8/2010

“This book is a true testament to one woman’s courage and determination to fight back from the life sentence that is child abuse. This book gives us a deeply intimate look inside the mind and feelings of a child growing through the years and the passage of time just trying to make sense of the life she was forced to live. This book gives us back the belief that we who have grown from abuse can come out the other side of the unspeakable acts of abuse we may have endured to be not only productive but proactive in trying to reach others, in the hope of one day seeing all survivors being able to find their peace and place in their own lives. This book allows us to hold on to that hope which is what all survivors need; This book speaks the truths of one woman whom for so long had no voice. This book in my opinion gives it’s Author; Personal Justice Kate Swift’s This Tangled Web
Is unique, poignant, honest and an extraordinarily thought provoking collection of work by this amazingly talented woman, whose shares with us, her readers; her quest for salvation of soul, and her journey to find the freedom and liberty others took from her in another lifetime; and for the first time Kate is telling us all; Her and her life matter; Bravo Kate you have done yourself and survivors the world over such a service by sharing your story of survival.”

Kazzie Kennedy 22/7/2010

“It takes great courage and confidence to express to the world your broken childhood, but by viewing this book I can say it gives me a lot of confidence to reach out and ask for help, knowing that there is people out there with the same emotionally and mentally heart-breaking experience. I believe this book is remarkable in itself, and when it comes out as an actual book, this is the book to dive into, as it indicates so many matching memories that I have held onto, as a survivor. Thank you.”
Gemma Merrick 21/7/2010

“The author takes you back to a horrible time in her life , and through various art forms you get a sense you are on a journey with her through her words , several of her poems evoked an emotional response which I had not expected to experience.
I really felt a deep connection with the author and I am in awe of Kate Swift to have the strength and courage to follow her ambitions and dreams !!!!”

Christina Moore 14/7/2010

“As a survivor of sexual abuse I was able to relate to most of the poems in the book, it made common sense to me, and it made me know I was not alone dealing with such problems. when I first started reading the book i was so drown to it I just couldn’t stop reading, and finished it in 1 night, it inspired me to write a couple of poems, and draw new drawings. the most poems I liked where the ones about depression and self harm its because I go through this right now, and it made me think of why am I thinking so down, you gave me hope through your book, and I thank you dearly. I’m pretty sure that this book would help tons of girls just like me. plus, it would help therapists and health professional to have a better understanding of how a survivor thinks, this way it would help them more to help the survivors to overcome. this book helped me both in my career and in my journey to over come”

Erica Muhan

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