“Just a cobbled lane to the treasure at the end” Meg Aves



A storm cannot last forever just when you think it will…

The radiant sun breaks through

And so that is how it is with you

Just when you think life is so bleak

Along comes the promise of a brand new week

The storm clouds move on and leave a blue sky

And suddenly they don’t matter…all those questions why

Nature changes throughout the year

So we know if winter is amongst us, spring is near

And just when the sky goes completely black

Morning arrives and pulls the covers back

And so dawns another day, shades lighter than the night

And so too will your dawning come and your burdens will be light.


Following the uncertain night of silence

Do the birds not sweetly sing?

After a long bleak winter

Is there not a beautiful spring

The farmer works for many hours

Does he not receive a lavish harvest

Do we not cry one minute and laugh in the next

I know you are struggling with inner pain

Take hope my friend the clouds will roll away

The sun will shine again.



You stole a piece of our childhood BUT we survived

You made us feel so broken BUT piece by piece we are restored

You made us feel so alone BUT we are many

You made us feel frightened BUT together we are unafraid

You knocked us down BUT we got back up again

You silenced us BUT together our voice is louder than ever

You made us feel bad BUT you were bad

You made us feel ashamed BUT the shame belongs to you

It did not break us and therefore it made us stronger


(Inspired by all the beautiful survivors I have met)




For what purpose am I here is the question my soul doth cry

Why this, why that, why then, why, why, why

What was I born for, where is the reason

What is this journey, this time and season

As we travel through this thing called life with its

sweet and bitter tears

Some days we can be found on the mountain top

flying through our dreams

Tomorrow you may find me weeping,

falling apart at the seams

What difference can one person really make in

this thing we call living…

The joy in my journey is in loving and laughing and giving.


Gradually she decided to take control and lift the lid herself

She went and took that box from the shelf

The contents she emptied all over the floor

One by one she explored them until they held no power anymore

With help she looked at the things which had hurt her very much

She remembered the damage, the agony of his touch

Sometimes she cried and wanted to throw it all back in the box

But she had moved on from secrets that chained the soul with

big locks.


You cannot hurt her anymore

You are staying behind a locked and bolted door

I am taking back the child you stole

I am working hard to make her whole

She was innocent, you are to blame

You have the guilt and you carry the shame

My little girl was violated

No longer is she to be hated

I am taking the power away from you

I am the strong one now and little me too.



I am putting it in its rightful place, I am giving it to him

All the brokenness and shame of his filthy ugly sin

I am putting it at his feet, I am ramming it down his throat

All the things he did to her that made her choke

I’m telling him he was bad and giving my little one some peace

The shackles belong to him and she deserves release

I am telling him he is disgusting, no greater than a piece of dirt

Bringing him to answer and to suffer for my little ones hurt.


Screaming and shouting gone

Nothing but a memory to dwell upon

Blame and secrecy blown away

I am heading for my healing day

Lies brought out into the light

No more to haunt me in the still of the night

Childhood memories distanced from me

I am going to a place where I can be free

Tormenting voices silenced

No more twisted stories or violence

I have done it, I have begun to break the chain

& I am never going back again.



I believe one day I will be free from the shadow of what you did

From the burden of a secret no longer hid

That I will look at the past and feel okay inside

& fetch from within the child who has wanted to hide

That she will be free to be a child again

That she will laugh more times than she has felt pain

I believe one day I will shed this clumsy figure you see

& everything that is ugly

It might take some time but that day will come

& when it does…

You will still have to live with what you’ve done.


Why face the world this morning?

Because the promise of a new day is dawning

Because those whom you love want you in there day

The clock still ticks and things to be done wont go away

Because if you stay in bed you save it all up for tomorrow

Then harder the task and more hopeless the sorrow

Live it for someone else if you don’t want to live it for you

Press on in the darkness, press on until the light comes shining through.



I am hoping this is the darkest night before a most beautiful dawn

I am hoping that out of the void something wonderful is born

I am hoping the silence is going to be filled with laughter and positivity

I am hoping after walking these corridors one will lead me to be free

I am hoping for all the tears I cry now, a river of joy overflows not too far away

I am hoping the loneliest night will take me on to the richest day

I am hoping the struggle is worth it, hoping there is something worth finding

I am hoping against hope tonight because the pain is blinding.


Little girl turn away from your desert of tears

All those storm ravaged and bitter years

Nothing to see in your desert for pleasure

Just agony stretching beyond measure

So turn away from your desert and see

A bountiful land being cultivated just for thee

Know that you can live again

Feeling peace where once was pain.



I rescue the little girl from his hand

I hold her and hug her, try to make her understand

That it is him I am angry with, angry as hell

I know she is too scared and too ashamed to tell

I know that she needs me now more than anything

Into her world some peace I can bring

I am holding her close to me and she is weeping

I am watching over her as she is sleeping

Any questions she has I will try to answer them all

I will be right beside her before and after school

She worries that she is bad and I do not love her anymore

But she has nothing to be guilty for

I just look at her little arms, legs, face

& I know my love can reach her in any place

As for him he has no part of her or me

I will never forgive and he should never be free

Because if I forgave I betray her pain

I would be letting her down again

It takes many words to make her understand why

Why nobody came to rescue her in the night

But I am rescuing her now, I am trying to make it right

I will do anything to restore to her those years she lost

Because she must be free to live her life

& HE must pay the cost.


Get down on your knees and tell her what you did was bad

Look her in the eye, that little girl you made feel guilty and sad

Get down on your knees before the world and tell out what you did to that little one

The snatching of innocence and joy that had not long begun

Get down on your knees, look inside yourself and weep

For the little girl you raped when she was trying to sleep

Get down on your knees so she can stand tall and unashamed

For you are accountable, you are rightfully to blame.


Little girl come out from hiding yourself away

Come and meet this new and healing day

Show me where it hurts so I can heal the pain

Raise you up to life again.



You pushed me down so many times but I got back up again

You pushed me to the edge of my existence but I worked through the pain

You pushed me aside like a piece of rubbish but I know I am worth more

You pushed me to the ground but I did not remain on that floor

You made me question everything I ever knew

Yet the only questionable thing in my life was you

You pushed my childhood into a living hell

But I lived to tell because…



Reaching for something better


Even though the way is painful & challenging


Choosing more for ourselves than we currently have


Our journey is full of twists and turns


Voicing the past so that we can have the future


Enduring the battles and living for the victory


Remember how far we have come already


Yours is the hope of RECOVERY. (2012)


“There is something beyond the silence… staying alive, to not be silent… and once you start you never want to be silent again. Though its not the easy road. But it is one that must be travelled… for change cant happen otherwise. But for those who cant speak out, or have to keep themselves safe, please carry on. And let some of us be a voice for you, because we hear you, don’t ever forget that”…John Harrison (Published author of Whispers From Within’)

“Do not see yourself as those who have abused you see you, as an object to be taken and used. But rather know that you all are beautiful souls, and that your inner beauty can never be erased by the tragic events that you have had to live through. Prove all those that have abused you wrong and live…live full and fruitful lives” .Ray Redner

Copyright © Kate Swift 2013. All Rights Reserved.