I am based in London and as much as possible I like to travel and give talks to groups, colleges, charities etc. I share my own story of abuse-disclosure-aftermath and the road to recovery. I also show a brief DVD introduction and I can bring some of my art therapy pieces for people to see firsthand. At the end we have a questions and answer session, where I am happy to answer any questions if I can! I also read a few poems from my first book (published in 2010).

If you would be interested in booking me to come and talk please email me with your enquiry using the -Contact Us- form and I will get back to you as soon as I am able (I usually aim to respond within 24 hours). I am passionate about sharing my experiences in order to help others on the road to healing and also to raise public awareness of this all too common and yet still largely unspoken topic. I will bring my book with me.

I thought you were very brave coming to talk to us and sharing your experiences with us. I found this very helpful and i think it is amazing how strong you have become.

I believe that story has helped me very much and i will be passing it on to other that i know.

Today has been very useful, even though it was sad to hear. It has been very good to know the details of abuse and how an abuser works.


Very upsetting but something that I will think of often and it will keep me on my toes to look out for the children in my care.

It gave me an insight into what it is like in being an abused child and the difficulties children face. How families can block and dismiss child abuse. How abusers block out what they have done and move on with their lives easily. Whilst on the other hand the abused child needs years of therapy and counselling to live a normal life.

An insight to what life is like for a survivor, about multi agencies and how they do not always work together.

It was an eye opener for me and it was so moving where we are standing now to empower children and safeguarding.

That it really happens…how sad.

There is so much more to safeguarding children other than the guidelines give to us. We are told many things however having heard Kate talk I feel there is a lot more to it.

I have gained knowledge about how you can get out of abuse and lead a happy life.

Awareness as to how children can be let down by professionals and how this needs to be changed.

I learnt that there is more support out there than I thought.

It was very informative and helpful. It was the personal, painful experience which so many children may go through and find difficult to open themselves.

The information that Kate shared with us was brave and eye opening to what happens and is still happening. The journey to healing can be long but you can survive.

It was a massive eye opener and I really enjoyed listening to Kate and her story.

Very inspirational, your story really touched me.

I now know the effects of abuse and how people feel when they experience abuse, I also know some of the reasons why people get abused.

I thought the talk was really good and interesting. This has helped me to know a lot more about who could be the abuser.

Feedback from www.ansteebridge.co.uk: Katherine and I want to thank you so so much for your visit on Monday. Katherine told me all about the session and it is clear you are a wonderful caring person ready to share of yourself to help girls and boys understand what has happened to them and to show that they are not alone – and most important that there are people like you that really do care, and will listen, and will help. When Katherine talked to me about you we both arrived at the same conclusion – you must visit us every year. Your work is every bit as important as education. More important in my view. And you are such a pleasure to be with! Always a sunny smile! There is a chirpiness about you that really tickles me! …Jason Dec 2012


 The London Ambulance Service Safe Guarding Conference – June 2013

…such a privilege to speak at this event… DSCF9706  DSCF9704  DSCF9702  DSCF9707  DSCF9717  

DSCF9719  DSCF9703  DSCF9710 …Very relevant to our line of work …  An excellent insight … Very brave account – useful to hear about ongoing problems and solutions… Need more of this in training… Honest and provoking… Really good presentation. Very courageous presenter…  Inspiring, humbling, emotional… Very strong and moving testimony from Kate… She was extremely brave and honest. (LAS Conference Feedback)


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