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T.T.W Survivor Coffee Mornings take place on a Tuesday Morning 11-12.30 Fortnightly at a location in Twickenham.  If you would like further information about these mornings please email Kate directly tangledweb010@yahoo.co.uk


‘This Tangled Web’  would like to give female survivors the opportunity to meet together over a cup of coffee. These events will be very much participant led in that we would like you to decide what you would like to do. These could include having guest speakers visiting, creative writing, craft, pampering sessions… these are a few ideas and we would encourage you to come up with ideas you would like. This is not intended as opportunity for structured therapy, but purely a social event, offering friendship & breaking down the isolation that many survivors can feel.


It is our vision to see ‘Survivor Coffee Mornings’ being set up and run right across the country… such a much needed resource everywhere!

Please click on the picture below for all the information on our coffee morning packs:





 “I loved it, it was casual & comfortable… no pressure. Just a place where I felt I could be me… whoever that is!” Natasha



How we have been using our sessions so far… Art & Craft Morning, Creative Writing, Guest Speakers from ‘One in Four’ – ‘Aurora’ – ‘positivechangearts’ -

‘For years we have filled the boxes in our minds with sadness and pain, now we take control by creating a box full of happiness and positivity’ Jo



 Sometimes we have a creative writing session which is quite relaxing. We use a variety of different themes, pictures or topics to inspire the writing. You don’t have to have any ‘skill’ in writing it is something for everyone. Here are a few pieces from our writing session based on a butterfly painting by Survivor Kerri Nolte:

‘This butterfly represents me now as a woman who is free to be who I want to be… to fly, spread my wings, be creative and free. Butterflies floating in the wind, fluttering with such grace and poise. Thank-you Peter for setting me free to the woman I always wanted to be’. By Lorraine

‘Beautiful butterfly, with vibrant colours. Flying around in the sun, so young and carefree, no worries in the world. Showing no signs of fear or hatred but happiness and freedom. Delicate wings moving slowly as he floats around the rose bush, seemingly weightless as the gentle breeze moves him away, but he comes back again resting on the branch happy and content, lazing in the sun’.

‘I feel that butterflies are very symbolic, for me this butterfly shows freedom, happiness, how to be gentle, friendly, the brighter side of life, changes for the better…hope. When I look at this butterfly is makes me think of a hot summers day lying in a park, relaxing and being happy’. Amy

‘Once upon a time there was a very sad little girl. Every time she left her house she would be laughed at and bullied by all the other children in her neighbourhood. “Ugly, ugly” they would shout at her. “Yuck look at that monster, she’s all green and hairy”. Every day she would go home and cry herself to sleep. “Why oh why can’t I be pretty like everybody else?” Time went by and just as the little girl was being eaten up by sadness she into a deep sleep. Here she remained for several days until one morning she opened her eyes and stretched. Carefully she stood up and walked to the bathroom. Looking into the mirror she was shocked by what she saw. Gone was the plump body. Gone was the green skin and hair, in its place was the most beautiful slim body and large wings shining with all the colours of the rainbow. Flying out of the window gone were the taunts and laughter, instead everyone looked at her with awe and admiration… for the first time ever she felt happy’. By Jo


We have been joined by some great guest speakers at coffee morning. These sessions are always so interesting & informative. Guest speakers have included:






OUR MOSAIC BUTTERFLIES… Inspired by ‘Kate’s A-Z of Healing’

 ‘M’ is for Mosaic… Beautiful works of art are made from little pieces. I can remember the times when I felt my life was in little pieces and I didn’t know how to gather them together… or even if it was possible. That is why in this instance M is for Mosaic because if you feel like your life is in bits, I want you to know that something new and wonderful can be created. Piece by piece you can shape your life into how you want it to be. You are the master crafter of your own soul, use the tools available to you and create something new. If you don’t like where you are now either inwardly or geographically, begin to work on changing the direction of your life… piece by piece you can achieve it.


Mosaics By – Amy – Georgina – Lorraine – Nicky – Kate – Fru





February 2013…

At survivor’s coffee morning today we were decorating jars… these jars are to fill with our special moments, lovely things people have said to us throughout the year etc… and then to empty and read… and remember good times… and smile

…Why not make one for yourself!




1st birthday-coffee morning

Congratulations to Trudie who won the mini bottle of Champagne :)

April 2013 – Guest Speaker ‘Kerry’ from ‘positivechangearts’

We all took part in Kerry’s project ‘I AM’…

‘The I AM project is aimed at anyone affected by sexual, physical and emotional abuse… it is about reminding yourself how awesome you are. You don’t have to call yourself an artist to participate, you could try something new. Who knows maybe by the end of your creation you might find yourself saying ‘I am an artist!’ (from positivechangearts Website)


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July 2013



23rd July A visit from the Founder of ‘Ziggle It’ & a colourful, creative, relaxing morning…


Click on the ‘Ziggle It’ logo to vist their website>timthumb



November 2013

Our ‘Jar of Hearts’ we each made at Survivors Coffee Morning today… each of us took someone elses heart at the end of the session as a reminder that we matter to one another…





Moving On… A space for women who have passed through coffee morning to leave a little note about the experience. It is sad to say goodbye to people however it is wonderful to see people moving forward positively and we wish them every happiness for the future. 

‘Thank you for all you help, fun and information I’ve had with the group’ (Trudi May 2013)

‘Thank-you for having me around. It has been really great. I wouldn’t have been able to do my research without you’ (Elena UCL Student June 2013)

‘I have had 17 months of invaluable friendship & support’ (Lorraine July 2013)

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  • lorraine hawkins says:

    this was a beautiful day the sun shone and we had a great time relaxing chatting and most of all laughing and to top it all ICE CREAM thank you ladies for being You xx

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