‘Survival is your strength not your shame’ T.S. Elliott

Survivors sharing about themselves, their own story & journey…

On this page we invite you to share your own voice… about you, your story & journey forward… this could be a poem you have written, a few lines you want to share, a blog extract or a piece of your art. If you would like to contribute something to this page you can email it to Kate and let her know you would like it to be published on the website. If for any reason we cannot share what you send to us we will always let you know. Please share your ‘voice’ by emailing tangledweb010@yahoo.co.uk  (please state if you would like your name published or anon)

At this time we have to limit it to one poem and or message from each person and see how we go for space etc. Kate’s voice  is here to be heard but many voices make us all stronger and louder. We consider it a privilege to be able to share your voice here on ‘This Tangled Web’… Stronger Together & Louder Than Ever’ 



We own you

 I got off the bus and walk by the river.

 I can feel them watching me, I start to shiver.

 I can feel their presence, they’re watching me.

 But they couldn’t fine me, could they?

 I didn’t turn up I tried to escape.

 Suddenly I’m grabbed, my mouth taped.

I try to break free, I did what I could.

 But I can’t and for me it doesn’t look good.

 They are strong and drag me to their car.

 I’m bungled into the boot, but we don’t go far.

 They get me out and they’re very angry with me.

How dare I hide and hope to be free.

Hands on my throat, I’m struggling for air.

They lay down the law, why me, it’s just not fair.

 I have to report each day after school.

 I have no choice, they set the rules.

 They like to touch and they like to hurt.

 I still mean nothing, just a piece of dirt.

By Carl

Copyright © Kate Swift 2013. All Rights Reserved.