Here is almost all of my survivor art as I like to call it. It sounds a bit over dramatic, but I have said before that when I write a lot of the poetry it is pain pushing the pen across the page. The same for much of the art work on here, it really is the out-workings of a chaotic or hurting mind. A lot of the pieces were done in art therapy. Art therapy was hard but good for me, it was a really nice medium to work with. With the clay I just found myself making all these figures, usually on my really worst days! Some people are quite disturbed by them not having faces…I don’t like putting faces on anything. They are not about artistic merit, if they were we wouldn’t get very far! They are for you to make of them what you will…


“Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.” ~Bern Williams

Drawings / Paintings






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