Here we share some of the emails and feedback ‘This Tangled Web’ has received to date regarding those who have come across our website… 

Claude Knights Director of Kidscape: Congratulations -the newsletter looks great & you do amazing work.

Together We Heal: Honoured to do anything to help fellow survivors.

Jayneen Sanders – Author of ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’: Fantastic Work Kate.

Dr Pam Spurr : You’re doing great things for survivors of abuse.

RSVP (Rape & Sexual Violence Project): We are with you every step of the way. You’re doing such great work.

Survivors Berkshire: Your website is very inspiring for others also healing from the wounds of sexual abuse.

Free From Addiction: Very good website, am glad I have been of some help. Keep up your good work and raising awareness.

It’s an awesome site Kate. Be proud of what you are achieving with all this hard work for yourself, and awareness of this horrible subject that most don’t want to get close to. Keep up the good work. (Janne-Helen Norway)
The website is looking great and will be so much help and comfort to other survivors knowing there is help and support out there, the world needs more people like you who are willing to stand up and be silent no more tell your story and fight for the rights of survivors keep up the amazing work! (Lisa)
Kate, This is brilliant! Very informative with a wealth of information and resources. Im proud to call you a friend as you are living the dream. You are touching lives and making a difference. You are a true survivor. (Ronni)
Loving the new look site kate it is wonderful just like you I am so glad there is somewhere to go where i know people understand me and it is ok to be the real me the parts no one sees because it is too hard to let others know so thank you so much you are truly an angel. (Lynn)
Someone has been through what I have been through. For years I have kept silent, I have only just told my GP what may be the cause of the way that I am. I thought the way I felt and what had happened was really shameful and just not the thing people speak about. I did not realise other people had been through the same thing. It completly repulses me and I always thought it would repulse anyone who I told….You are so brave and I thankyou for sharing as I no I am no longer alone….xxx (Natasha)
Thanks for this site. Really impresive. Totally positive outlook for survivors. (Ed)
Your book is so different to other survivors’  books that I have read…it is almost a ‘therapy book’ & the fact that you share your insights & experiences help me anyway feel – yep – I am there -oh perhaps time & therapy will effect change. Thank you (K.M.A)

You have every right to be proud and so does that little girl who has shared so much with so many. It’s an honour to know you. (K.E)

Thanks for becoming a part of my life -hugs- x (Jo America)

I have watched this from bud, to glorious blossoming, to now help so many others to flourish too with the books you have both created alone, and collated of your groups’ members so that many little girls can also feel not alone and speak, including me, thankyou. (S.B)

I just wanted to thank you for all your words of inspiration!! It has been really nice reading them and I wanted to extend my appreciation to you…many, many blessings to you on your journey…and thanks very, very much for being so very helpful to all of us, going thru our own. (Shelley)

When I joined RSOSA close to a year ago, I had no idea that it would become such a wonderful community focused on healing and growth. I have met some AMAZING and INSPIRING people here, and just want to say, with utter humility and gratitude: THANK YOU for all that you do! (Jess America)

I have just finished reading your painfully descriptive writings and looking at your pictures, figures etc and thought you deserved a word or two from me. Not that I am a particularly special person but because it is totally pointless for me to have all this admiration for you without my actually telling you so. Indeed it is you that is the special person because of what you have experienced and how you have emerged from a long dark tunnel a beautiful human being with your spirit intact. I cannot say that I have the remotest understanding of what you went through because I am not a survivor. I came from a loving family in every respect where my parents gave me everything and more. However I have all my senses and can detect, and come fairly close to appreciating, the pain in others. Your experience is now real to me and, albeit under my terms, understood by me. You are a power for good in this world, keep going and I wish you only the very best in life. (Howard)

Your website is such a truly positive yet honest account of the affects of childhood abuse… spoken from the hearts of those who know…  (via our charity facebook page)

Hi Kate
Just wanted to say what a great resource your site is – would be happy to receive any updates. Kind regards L
Case Worker
Victim Support & Homicide Service

I have not completed any therapy its pages like yours that keep me strong and remind me that I’m not alone. Thank You!

Just showing some gratitude for your posts once again, there are times when I see your posts and I think, I know exactly how that feels… I’m not alone. All I know is that I am relating to your posts at the minute & wanted to thank you for sharing & being so brave… I hope one day to have that courage.

Just started to have a look through Your website, I read, disclosure, family rejection, its so how it is. so just a small amount of time, I realise that, the tangled web, is going to become a Huge part of my life. It’s inspiring, empowering and truly beautiful, which has come from a place of something so deep, dark, and scary. just wow! DB

This tangled web we weave
Spun with silk
One long strand

This tangled web
Heavy with dew
Shimmering in sunlight

This tangled web
Strong as steel
Never buckling under pain

This tangled web we weave
With hope
And light

Dedicated to the charity This Tangled Web.

By Ed

You are an amazing advocate and I more than most knows what you have been through to help others I am so proud to call you my friend… Kazzie July 2013

‘ Not all organisations are run by survivors for survivors and I believe this is a very important shining light for This Tangled Web’ W.B

‘I am now done giving evidence, finished today… Couldn’t have done it without all the support I have had, thank-you so much’

‘What you do is so important. You are alchemising your experience; helping others to understand, whether victims or not’ via Twitter

5 Responses to Your Feedback

  • Jules Lockett says:

    Hi Kate,

    This is a very brief message to pass on my complete respect and admiration of your presentation at the LAS safeguarding conference today.

    I found real connection with your story, although story doesn’t actually do justice to the endeavours you endured.

    You delivered with passion and personally I found it emotionally moving. If I thought it wouldn’t have embarrassed you I would have led a standing ovation…. It was so well deserved.

    I will take some time to review your website and offer my support to anything that is within my gift.

    Inspirational Kate!

  • Joost says:

    Anxiety and avoidance. It’s sounds so familiar, panic attacks nightmare and
    even being afraid of the dark, and the next day to come.
    I am becoming a part of home, not sure if I want to go.
    I am doing my best to keep everything under control, and not showing the fears.
    it’s a struggle and a long one. Every second of the day.
    Thank God for the alprozalam.

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